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Enclosures for Industrial Electronics Equipment
For over thirty years Rolec have designed innovative electronic enclosures for outdoor, or tough indoor industrial
applications. Our extensive range of enclosures features modern ergonomic design and high ingress protection from
IP 54 to IP 69K. Each Rolec electronic enclosure is designed for fast installation of electronic components including:
PCBs, cable glands, connectors, membrane keypads, chassis plates, terminal rails, switches and more.

Diecast Aluminium Enclosures

View aluCASE range..
Modern enclosures with keypad
recess, hidden fixings, lid
retainers & integrated hinges
IP 67 / IP 69K
View aluDISC range..
Unique round enclosures for
industrial electronics. Hidden
fixings, keypad recess & cover
IP 67 / IP 69K
View aluPLUS range..
Enclosures in industry standard
sizes with keypad recess, hidden
fixings & lid hinge/retainers
IP 66 / IP 67
View aluCLIC range..
Unique enclosures with snap-on
mounting device for installation
in seconds
IP 67 / IP 69K
View aluSMART range..
Modern enclosures with hidden
screw fixed mounting device for
secure and discreet installation
IP 67 / IP 69K
View aluTWIN range..
Dual chamber enclosures with
separate terminal compartment
and optional recessed panel
IP 66
View aluNORM range..
Universal enclosures with extra
internal space and four lid and
base size combinations
IP 66
View conFORM range..
High performance shielded
enclosures with in-built EMC
contact ridges
IP 66
View conTROL range..
Shielded enclosures with recessed
lid to protect push-button controls,
switches etc.
IP 66
View aluKOM range..
Low cost enclosures in a
large range of industry
standard sizes
IP 66
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Stainless Steel Enclosures

View inoCASE/inoCASEmini V2A range..
Modern enclosures in 4301/
A2/AISI 304 stainless steel
for industrial electronics
IP 66 / IP 67 / IP69K
View inoCASE/inoCASEmini V4A range..
Modern enclosures in 4404/
A4/AISI 316L stainless steel e.g.
for marine/coastal electronics.
IP 66 / IP 67 / IP69K
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Polyester Enclosures

View polyTOP range..
Tough weatherproof polyester
housings with corrosion proof
polyamide lid fixings
IP 66 / IP 67
View polyDOOR range..
Tough polyester housings with
hinged lid - with or without
transparent window
IP 66
View polyKOM range..
Low cost, tough and resistant
polyester housings in industry
standard sizes
IP 65
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Plastic Enclosures

View technoPLUS range..
Advanced UV stable enclosures
in LURAN, with keypad area
and hinged lid trims
IP 66
View starCASE range..
Highly attractive ABS enclosures
with keypad recess and
hidden lid fixings
IP 66
View technoCASE range..
Modern ABS & Polycarbonate
enclosures with keypad area
and lid trims
IP 66
View technoBOX range..
Stylish and economical ABS
enclosures with bevelled lid
and keypad area
IP 66
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Diecast Control Enclosures

View commandCASE range..
Diecast enclosures with hinged
lids. For fitting to walls, machine
housings or suspension arms
IP 66
View aluFACE range..
Diecast enclosures with fixed
or hinged front frames and
recessed front panels
IP 65 / IP 66
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ATEX Ex Hazardous Area Terminal Enclosures

View aluKOM-Ex range..
Diecast aluminium enclosures,
ATEX certified for hazardous
IP 66

View polyTOP-Ex range..
Tough polyester plastic
enclosures, ATEX certified
for hazardous areas
IP 65

View polyKOM-Ex range..
ATEX certified polyester
enclosures in industry
standard sizes
IP 65

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Command Enclosures

View aluDISPLAY range..
Modern enclosures with hinged
wall mounting and suspension
arm adaptor
IP 54

View staKOM range..
Modern command enclosures
with hinged front frame and
recessed control panel
IP 54

View multiVISION-KOMMANDO range..
Versatile command enclosures
made to the exact external
dimensions you need
IP 65

View multiVISION-DISPLAY range..
Modern command and display
enclosures made to the exact
sizes you need
IP 65

View topVISION range..
Modern command enclosures
for housing large displays and
IP 54

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