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polyKOM-Ex - datasheets and certificates

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 polyKOM-Ex 3D

Polyester material

Combustion behaviour

Production process

 Polyester enclosures (214,03 KB)


Lid screws

Ingress protection

Enclosures tolerances

 Polyester (107,13 KB)


 ATEX Certificate (559,58 KB)
 GOST-R Ex (russian) (257,12 KB)

EC-Type Examination Certificates

 KEMA 02ATEX2055 (424,16 KB)
 KEMA 02ATEX2055U (405,59 KB)

Test report polyKOM Ex

IECEx Certificate of Conformity

 IECEx KEM 08.0004 (1,33 MB)
 IECEx KEM 08.0003U (1,34 MB)

Operating instructions IECEx

 IECEx polyKOM (403,45 KB)