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technoCASE - datasheets and certificates

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 ROLEC technoCASE (1100 KB)


technoCASE 3D

ABS/PC material

ABS Terluran (58,98 KB)
PC LEXAN (55,82 KB)

Combustion behaviour

UL 94 HB (ABS) (102,79 KB)
UL 94 HB (PC) (102,54 KB)

Lid screws


Silicone gasket (57,75 KB)

RFI/EMI shielding (optional)

Ingress protection test report

 ROLEC technoCASE test report (510 KB)

Ingress protection

IP66 / EN 60529 (230,90 KB)

Enclosures tolerance

ABS/PC (107,14 KB)

Assembly instrucions

AI technoCASE 


GOST-R (russian) (583,60 KB)