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Command enclosures

Command enclosures for machine control and displays
ROLEC command enclosures are designed for a wide range of applications including machine controllers,
process equipment and display systems. The enclosures are manufactured in diecast aluminium or aluminium profiles, and are offered in standard sizes or made-to-measure to suit your exact requirements. Protection classes from IP54 to IP66 are available. All models are compatible with one or more of our suspension arm systems.

ROLEC command enclosures can be supplied fully customised and ready to use. Our factory is equipped to carry out all the modifications you may need including drilling, milling, painting, printing, engraving and much more. Talk to our sales team for more information.

Command enclosures

profiPANEL Standard

Design command enclosures in standard sizes

• Economical system: four standard sizes with a depth of 90 mm

• Shorter delivery times as components are held in stock

• Suitable for internal mountings of 10’’-21’’

• IP 65 / EN 60529


Design Command enclosure

• Profile enclosure - made to measure from 150 to 800 mm

• Eight enclosure depths: 60, 90, 120, 150, 180, 210, 240, 300

• Handles, keyboard holder, desk solution all available as accessories

• IP 65 / EN 60529


Advanced premium command enclosures for modern machine control

• Profile enclosure from 150 to 800mm – made-to-measure

• Five front installation options including touchpanels

• Three enclosure depths: 70, 85 and 130 mm

• IP 65 / EN 60529


Modern cost-effective command enclosures that inspire different thinking

• Ergonomic design with elegant front panel handles

• Lids are screw fixed or hinged with quick-lock or key lock

• Perfectly matches our profiPLUS suspension arm system

• IP 66 / EN 60529


Designer display enclosures made from aluminium profiles

• Highly attractive enclosures for display/control electronics

• Available in three profile sizes, custom case lengths made to order

• Available as a handheld, wall or desk enclosures or for suspension arms

• IP 54 / EN 60529

multiVISION Kommando

Variable display and command enclosures made from aluminium profiles

• For mounting to suspension arm systems

• Made to customer required width and height dimensions

• Available with or without handle bar system

• IP 65 / EN 60529

multiVISION Display

Variable display and command enclosures made from aluminium profiles

• Modern display enclosures with or without handle bar system

• Three profile sizes - gives nine standard depths

• Made to customer required width and height dimensions

• IP 65 / EN 60529


Ergonomic, versatile and economic command enclosures

• Sheet steel body with aluminium framework

• Available with or without handle system (RAL 3020 or 9005)

• IP 54 / EN 60529


Versatile control/command enclosures in diecast aluminium

• Fixed or hinged front frames with recessed front panels

• Models with separate terminal compartment

• Range of options including locks, hinges and handle bars

• IP 65 to IP 67/ EN 60529