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Mobile control enclosures

Handheld enclosures for mobile controls and instruments

ROLEC handheld enclosures have been developed for indoor and outdoor controllers and electronic instruments. They are ideal for simple mobile controls as well as heavy-duty electronic devices. The shapes are modern and ergonomic, making them very practical and comfortable to hold. The enclosures have ingress protection classes from IP54 to IP67 and are manufactured from diecast aluminium or extruded aluminium profiles. The latter can be ordered in custom lengths to suit your PCBs or assemblies.

All of our enclosures can be supplied fully customised and ready to use. Our factory is equipped to carry out all the modifications you may need including drilling, milling, painting, printing, engraving and much more. Talk to our sales team for more information.

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Mobile control enclosures


Modern and highly robust handheld enclosures in diecast aluminium

• Ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold

• Recessed lid for fitting a membrane keypad or product label

• With or without battery compartments

• IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529


Modern and ergonomic extruded aluminium handheld enclosures

• Available in three widths – custom lengths on demand

• Can also be used as a wall or desk enclosure

• Integrated 1.5V AA battery compartments

• IP 54, IP 65 / EN 60529