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Plastic enclosures

Plastic enclosures for industrial electronics

ROLEC plastic enclosures provide stylish and versatile housing solutions for industrial electronics and controls. Moulded in ABS, polycarbonate or UV-stable Luran, these highly attractive enclosures have many useful standard features. These include hidden lid fixings, recessed areas for fitting membrane keypads or labels, pole/mast attachments, lid retaining straps and internal mounting pillars for PCBs, DIN rails and mounting plates. There is a large range of styles and sizes to suit different applications. All models offer a high degree of ingress protection to IP67.

All of our plastic enclosures can be supplied fully customised and ready to use. Our factory is equipped to carry out all the modifications you may need including drilling, milling, painting, printing, engraving and much more. Talk to our sales team for more information. 

Search our extensive designer enclosures range here:

Plastic enclosures


An absolute all-rounder in every respect

• The world's first round LURAN enclosures for industrial electronics

• Integrated recess to accommodate membrane keypads or front plates

• Fastening of the enclosure without opening the lid

• IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529


Advanced plastic enclosures moulded in flame-retardant Luran

• Very modern and ergonomic design in 8 sizes

• Recessed lid for fitting a membrane keypad or product label

• Hinges design covers hide all fixing screws

• IP 66 / EN 60529


Advanced plastic enclosures designed for modern outdoor electronics

• Moulded in high quality UV-stable Luran material

• Unique pole/mast attachment for fitting outside

• Recessed lids for membrane keypads or product labels

• IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529, IP 69 K / ISO 20653


Multivariable enclosures made from ABS with designer cover strips

• Lids and bottoms can be combined with each other as desired

• Recessed lids for membrane keypads, front plates or labels

• Six design cover colours to choose from

• IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529


Modern and low cost enclosures for electronics and electrical devices

• Elegant and tough design moulded in ABS

• Attractive bevelled lid with captured screws

• Recessed lid for fitting a membrane keypad or label

• IP 66 / EN 60529