aluDISC - An absolute all-rounder in every respect

Detachable trims hide the lid fixings and mounting screws

aluDISC can be mounted without opening the lid (protecting the electronics inside)

Recessed lid for fitting a membrane keypad, label or face plate

Screw pillars in base and lid for PCBs, mounting plates, rails etc.

Optional lid retaining straps



An absolute all-rounder even in special environments

ATEX Enclosures   ATEX-Leer   IECEx certified   IECEx-Leer
IP 66, IP 67

aluDISC EX is the world's first round diecast aluminium EX enclosures range. The enclosures are tested to IP 66 and IP 67, and stand out with their appealing shape which has been designed to meet the highest standards.

Standard features include a recessed lid for fitting a membrane keypad, product label or front plate, snap-on design covers which hide the lid screws and mounting channels, lid retaining straps and screw bosses in the base and lid for fixing PCBs, mounting plates etc. The enclosures can be mounted without opening the lid which means your components remain protected at all times. EX cable glands and other accessories are also available.

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  Type Part No. Length Width Height Weight (g) Mounting point D Mounting point E Measurement F Measurement G Silicon-gasket Lid holders Shielding Corrosion proof coating Mounting plates Download 3D-Model-Download Add to my list
281.080.000 aluDISC AR 080 281.080.000 110 97 55 410 89.8 45.2 27.5 12.5 - o o o Download 3D-Model-Download Add to my list
281.100.000 aluDISC AR 100 281.100.000 130 119 65 590 99.4 68.4 40.5 27.5 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download Add to my list
281.120.000 aluDISC AR 120 281.120.000 150 139 80 820 116.5 80 55.5 40 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download Add to my list
281.160.000 aluDISC AR 160 281.160.000 190 179 90 1190 155.5 99 65.5 57.5 o o o o Download 3D-Model-Download Add to my list
  Part No. Length Width Height Add to my list
281.080.000 281.080.000 110 97 55 Add to my list
281.100.000 281.100.000 130 119 65 Add to my list
281.120.000 281.120.000 150 139 80 Add to my list
281.160.000 281.160.000 190 179 90 Add to my list
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ATEX Ex Empty Enclosures
ATEX Ex Enclosure
IECEX Ex Empty Enclosures
IECEx EX Enclosures

Enclosure sizes

4 sizes
Dimensions from: L x W x H
110 x 97 x 55 mm to 190 x 179 x 90 mm

Additional info

Integrated recess in the lid for membrane keypad or front plates
Optional: Lid support, screw hinges, lid screw with plastic element made from stainless steel 1.4567 and polyamide (PA6)


II2G Ex e IIC Gb
II2D Ex tb IIIC Db 
IECEx DEK 12.0005 U

Operating temperature range

-20°C to +60°C


Diecast aluminium alloy
EN AN-44300 DIN EN 1706
(GD Al Si 12/DIN 1725)
External earth connection made from stainless steel.
1° mould slope for casting ejection > internal circumference dimensions decrease by 1° towards enclosure bottom.


Separate screw channels

Earth connection

Earth connection made from stainless steel

Internal mounting

Fastening thread on the enclosure base and in the lid

Ingress protection

IP 66, IP 67 / EN 60529


Silicone moulded gasket, temperature resistance: -50°C to +140°C

Lid screws

Stainless steel 1.4567, captive


Powder coating RAL 7035, light grey 
Optional: Special colours


Learn more about our full customising service for installation-ready enclosures


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Design covers

84 KB

Enclosures tolerance

107 KB


585 KB

Ingress protection

351 KB

Integrated lid support

84 KB
155 KB


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281 KB
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