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inoCASE stainless steel enclosures

There can be few working environments more merciless than marine and offshore: heavy seas hammering unsheltered oil rigs 24/7. Even when the weather is good, the exposed position of the rigs and the salty air and spray make offshore locations a real challenge for electronics designers.

Electronics enclosures need to be the toughest of the tough out there – offering very high levels of resilience and protection.

ROLEC’s new inoCASE and inoCASEmini enclosures – its first to be manufactured from stainless steel – provide precisely that. They’re rated to IP 66 as standard (IP 67 optional) and can be electropolished to create an extremely high quality corrosion-resistant finish.

This offers benefits not just for the marine sector but also other challenging environments such as the petrochemical industry. Or food manufacturing which demands very high levels of cleanliness.

Technical features and benefits of inoCASE and inoCASEmini include a single channel for fixings. This saves space inside. It also means the cases don’t need to be drilled through the base during installation –protecting the integrity of the housing.

Need holes for controls and cable glands? Need engraved logos and legends? No problem – we have a CNC laser cutter in-house – and you’ll be delighted to learn there’s no minimum order quantity.

ROLEC inoCASE is available in 18 sizes (140 mm x 110 mm x 60 mm to 430 mm x 300 mm x 120 mm) with six sizes of inoCASEmini (100 mm x 70 mm x 50 mm to 200 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm).

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