How to configure and specify ROLEC suspension arms

Suspension arms configurators

ROLEC’s profiPLUS 50 and 70 represent the cutting edge of modular suspension arms for command enclosures and displays.

And between them they offer more than 120 different components. This huge choice of options is wonderfully empowering…but it can also be bewildering. Wall/floor/ceiling mounts…rotary/turn-and-tilt couplings…console fastening options…tailored adaptors…profile lengths/widths. Where do you start?

Here’s the quick and easy way to configure the best suspension arm for your electronics…

ROLEC profiPLUS 50 Or profiPLUS 70?

Five key factors will help you to determine which profiPLUS system you need:

  • load – how heavy is the command enclosure or display you want to suspend?
  • leverage – how far must the arm stretch from the anchor point?
  • pivot points – adding intermediate joints reduces load capacity by 40 per cent
  • base vs wall joints – using a base will reduce load capacity by 25 per cent
  • cable capacity – how thick and numerous are the cables you need to run through the arm sections and joints?

ROLEC profiPLUS 50 suspension arms can support up to 80 kg over an arm length of one metre or 40 kg at two metres. The profiPLUS 70 arms are half as strong again, handling up to 120 kg at one metre (60 kg at two metres). Remember that bases and joints will affect the final load capacity of your chosen suspension arm system.

Configuring Your Suspension Arms

This is now much faster thanks to new configurators available for both profiPLUS 50 and 70:

At the end of the configuration process you will receive a 3D CAD drawing and/or PDF of your chosen suspension arm:

  • Step 1 – choose whether you want a horizontally or vertically mounted suspension arm.
  • Step 2 – input your email address; read and accept the licence agreement
  • Step 3 – choose the components of your arm:

- a wall/floor/base connection
- up to three ‘connections’ (profile sections, each from 100 to 2,000 mm)
- up to three ‘knots’ (joints, couplings)- a housing connection.

  • Step 4 – scroll down and click ‘update preview’ to see how your configuration is progressing
  • Step 5 – use your mouse to zoom in and out (using the wheel) or to rotate the image (left click and drag).

At the foot of the page are five buttons that offer you a range of viewing options. They include external, internal, cutaway and auto-rotate views. Happy with your new suspension arm? Return to the top of the page and press either CAD download or PDF datasheet. It will be emailed to you. All you need to do now is choose the colours for your new arm…

Customising Your profiPLUS Suspension Arm

The standard colours for profiPLUS 50 and 70 are:

  • diecast aluminium alloy components – powder coated light grey (RAL 7035)
  • extruded aluminium alloy support profiles – anodised silver
  • plastic covers (POM) and bellows (PVP-P) – anthracite grey (RAL 7016).

Customs colours are available for all components. The aluminium alloy profile sections can be either anodised or powder coated. Other options include signal light adaptors for joints and elbows.

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