Regular readers of our blog posts and news releases will know that ROLEC offers enclosures which can be fitted ‘lid closed’ to protect the electronics inside. But what if you need to remove the lid to connect cables to the terminals – without risking any damage to the sensitive electronics?

That’s where the KTE dual-chamber models in ROLEC’s aluFACE range can help. Engineers can carry out ‘lid open’ installation and servicing work on the terminals chamber while the lid remains firmly shut on the adjoining electronics chamber.

ROLEC’s aluFACE range offers great solutions for industrial control applications. Features include deep recesses (with no visible fixings) for heavy duty buttons and switches:

  • KTE – dual chamber, two lids, (or if you prefer non-recessed lids, view the aluTWIN range)
  • KE – single chamber, solid cast frame
  • KVE – as KE but with a lower cost and shallower frame (extruded and cast)
  • KVF – as KVE but with a shallower base section
  • KSE – deep base section with a two-part front frame (extruded and cast)
  • KCE – shallow base section with a two-part hinged front frame, key lock.

Like all the other ROLEC enclosures, aluFACE offers strong levels of ingress protection, starting at IP 65. The KE and dual-chamber KTE models are part of the IP 66 range of housings.

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