Beautiful displays and sophisticated command consoles deserve to be mounted on state of the art designer suspension arms – ROLEC’s new profiPLUS. Even by ROLEC’s exacting standards, profiPLUS is a stunning new range with a wealth of solutions (all of which can be easily customised to your precise specifications).

Suspension arm systems are by their very nature modular, offering a choice of couplings, joints and support profiles to help you specify your perfect solution.

NEW profiPLUS takes the technology a stage further – the entire system can be aligned horizontally with a single screw. So you can set any pivoting range you need quickly and easily. With more than 40 components in the profiPLUS 50 range (plus another 40-plus in the profiPLUS 70 range), there’s no shortage of options.

All profiPLUS components have been designed to offer maximum capacity for USB, HDMI, DVI, CP-Link4 and Profinet/Ethernet cables. Advanced features include console couplings with reduced installation depths to save space plus dedicated adapters (profiPLUS 50) for display panels by manufacturers including Siemens and Beckhoff.

New profiPLUS has been designed to integrate with ROLEC’s new commandCASE enclosures (watch the video) – plus topVISION, multiVISION and command aluFACE cases.

Load capacities vary – based on the length of the support profiles you specify – but at one metre or less you can expect 50 kg from profiPLUS 70 and 30 kg from profiPLUS 50. Need heavier capacities? Try ROLEC’s QUADRO suspension arms. With rectangular tubes up to 80 mm wide, it can handle loads of up to 150 kg on a support profile of 1 m or less.

Also available is the taraPLUS range which can support loads of 51 kg on a one-metre profile if no intermediate joint is required.

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