Customisation In The Last Enclosures Revolution

Until now, customising a standard enclosure has been a process that occurred at the end. Yes, the customer would have known from day one that they wanted a customised enclosure. And they would have told us that at the start.

But the actual customisation of a diecast, stainless steel or plastic standard enclosure is carried out on a housing that has already been cast, fabricated or moulded. All the CNC machining, painting/powder coating, engraving, printing and laser processing is performed on an off-the-shelf IP-rated enclosure.

Diecast aluminium housings that can be customised this way include aluCASE (premium enclosures), aluCLIC (with click-fit mounting), aluDISC (for round pipework), aluPLUS (in industry-standard sizes), aluNORM (multivariable, with space-saving single-channel fixings), conFORM (with built-in EMC shielding) and aluTWIN (dual chamber).

All these advanced modern enclosures are IP rated – most of them to IP 66, IP 67 and/or IP 69K – to cope with challenging conditions in heavy industrial, marine and offshore environments. Many offer ‘lid closed’ installation to protect the seals and electronics. Some have clip-on trims to hide the lid screws, further enhancing the aesthetics.

This tried and tested method of specifying a standard enclosure then adding machining and finishing to your order works very well. It’s the reason that customising a standard enclosure will always be quicker, easier and more cost- effective than creating a full bespoke housing from the ground up.

That is especially true when diecasting or moulding are involved because of the high initial tooling costs. Reducing the work involved shortens lead times and enables designers to specify custom(ised) enclosures in much lower volumes.

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