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August 2022

How To Choose Between Aluminium And Stainless Steel Enclosures For Industrial Electronics

You need a tough metal enclosure to protect your electronics from hard knocks and water ingress. But which enclosures are best for your application – aluminium or stainless steel? Find out here….

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May 2022

Which Industrial Electronic Enclosures? Aluminium Or Plastic?

Are you on ‘aluminium autopilot’ when specifying enclosures for industrial electronics? Discover how tough plastic enclosures can be a smart alternative. Compare similar plastic vs aluminium enclosure models.

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April 2022

Safeguard Your Electronics In Hazardous Industrial Environments

Industrial hazards don’t play fair. They seldom threaten your electronics one by one. They attack in force. They gang up on you. So your electronic devices may have to survive multiple assaults simultaneously – heavy impact, high (or low) temperatures, water and dust ingress, chemicals. Here’s how to protect your industrial electronics.

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February 2022

Which Metal Handheld Enclosure For My Industrial Electronics?

Handheld enclosures tend to be associated with soft-contoured plastics…but heavy industrial environments need something much tougher. Metal is the obvious choice, and it need not mean sacrificing ergonomics. You’d be surprised how comfortable a well-designed metal enclosure can feel – even when the device is being held for long periods of time.

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February 2022

Worth A Second Look: ROLEC’s Five Most-Read Blog Posts, 2021

Discover how best to specify customised (or custom) enclosures for your industrial electronics…compare IP vs NEMA ratings…read about the latest new suspension arms. All in our most-read blog posts of 2021.

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