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September 2021

IP vs NEMA Ratings: How Much Ingress Protection Do I Need?

IP and NEMA ratings measure ingress protection in different ways. This can make it more difficult to specify the best protection rating for your industrial electronic enclosures.

Learn how the two systems differ – and what this means for you. Discover how to compare IP and NEMA ratings and specify the best sealed enclosures for your electronics.

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July 2021

How To Mount HMI, Panel And Command Enclosures

You’re equipping a new Smart Factory or upgrading your existing facility with more automation, robotics and machine control technology. It’s going to involve installing lots of HMI screens and panel PCs in a challenging industrial environment.

You’re going to need versatile solutions when it comes to mounting the screens. The equipment you specify must be scalable and adaptable because the pace of technological change is accelerating rapidly.

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April 2021

Elegant And Effective New taraSMART Suspension Arms

Robust new taraSMART (IP 54) is the latest addition to ROLEC’s wide range of advanced modular suspension arms. It benefits from the same smart design as our proven profiPLUS 50 and 70 suspension arms but is simpler and more cost effective. The aim was to create a compact and elegant suspension arm for light-to-medium loads – and to make it available at a lower price point.

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February 2021

Colour-Coding Or Branding Your Industrial Electronic Enclosures

Painting and powder coating are the obvious ways to transform the colour of your preferred standard enclosure. But why be obvious? There are quicker, easier and more cost-effective options available when it comes to branding and colour-coding.

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January 2021

Six Key Questions When Specifying Diecast Electronic Enclosures

There’s much more to specifying diecast aluminium enclosures than meets the eye. Don’t let their disarmingly simple appearance blind you to the wealth of technical features on offer. It always pays to explore the benefits in more detail. Here are six key questions to consider…

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