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Blogs 2012-2013

Aluminium enclosures with built-in EMC shielding
November 2013

ROLEC's conFORM diecast enclosures have in-built EMC shielding so don't need expensive shielding gaskets.

Versatile extruded aluminium display enclosures
August 2013

aluDISPLAY extruded aluminium display enclosures can be handheld, swivel mounted of fitted to a suspension arm.

Enclosures with recessed lids for membrane keypads
July 2013

ROLEC's latest enclosures all feature a recessed lid for secure location of a membrane keypad or label.

Sealed enclosures with lid retaining straps
April 2013

ROLEC's latest sealed enclosures feature lid retaining straps which keep the lid in place when open. Especially useful when the unit is wall or machine mounted.

Snap-on aluCLIC IP 67 diecast enclosures
March 2013

ROLEC’s aluCLIC IP67 enclosure range is best known for its easy installation. It simply clicks into place – saving huge amounts of time and protecting important sealing gaskets.

Extruded electronics enclosures are the smart choice
December 2012

ROLEC's extruded aluminium enclosures are very versatile and can be made you your exact size requirements.

Specifying IP67/IP69K diecast enclosures
October 2012

ROLEC's latest diecast aluminium enclosures are sealed to IP67 and can specified up to IP69K.

Why ROLEC IP67 enclosures have hidden fixings
September 2012

ROLEC's latest IP67 diecast aluminium enclosures feature snap-on trims which hide all the fixing screws.