June 2019

ROLEC now offers three IP 54 modular suspension arm systems for a wide range of industrial electronics applications. The profiPLUS, taraPLUS and QUADRO support arms provide highly versatile solutions for HMI, display, process automation, machine control, IoT/IIoT and Industry 4.0/smart factory applications.

ROLEC’s profiPLUS support arms for modern machine control are available as two models – 50 for light-to-medium loads and 70 for medium-to-heavy loads. They are recommended for ROLEC’s multiPANEL and profiPANEL display enclosures. However, standard adaptors also enable the easy mounting of panels from leading manufacturers including Siemens, B&R and Beckhoff.

Both profiPLUS 50 and profiPLUS 70 offer a huge selection of bases, joints, profiles and couplings – and plenty of space for HDMI, DVI and network cables. ‘One-screw adjustment’ and pre-fitted system couplings mean each arm can be installed quickly and easily.

Standard colours are: diecast aluminium alloy components, light grey (RAL 7035); extruded aluminium profiles, anodised silver; plastic (POM) covers, slate grey (RAL 7015); PVC-P bellows, anthracite grey (RAL 7016).

ROLEC’s taraPLUS multivariable support arms can support light-to-medium loads. The special design – which combines rectangular and round tubes – makes cables easy to install and each arm simple to align. A dedicated model has been developed specifically for mounting Beckhoff displays.

Cable routing for taraPLUS is 48 mm (42 mm Ø), 70 mm (62 mm Ø) or 60/40 mm (54 x 34 mm). The suspension pipes are steel with diecast aluminium system elements.

Standard colours are: diecast aluminium components (powder coated), window grey (RAL 7040); suspension pipes (powder coated), light grey (RAL 7035); bellows (PVC) light grey (RAL 7035). On taraPLUS Beckhoff support arms the diecast components are blue grey (RAL 7031) and the steel suspension pipes are ‘white aluminium’ (RAL 9006).    

QUADRO 50, QUADRO 60 and QUADRO 80 suspension arms are designed for heavy duty industrial applications. Choose from three models offering 50 mm, 60 mm or 80 mm square steel profiles (for extremely high static equilibrium). All the joints and couplings are manufactured from high-load spheroidal graphite for higher-than-average bearing strength.

A signal light adaptor is available for the elbow (50, 80). QUADRO 50 can transition to taraPLUS (48 mm pipe) with the use of a special elbow. QUADRO is suitable for HDMI, patch cables, USB but not DVI plugs. Compatible ROLEC control enclosures are commandCASE, topVISION and multiVISION.

Customising options include CNC machining, special colours, printing and assembly.

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