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Press Releases 2010-2011
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Press Releases 2010-2011

Expanded range of starCASE IP66 plastic enclosures
September 2011

ROLEC has expanded its popular range of starCASE IP66 plastic enclosures to meet increasing demand across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Custom ready aluCASE IP67 diecast enclosures
July 2011

ROLEC’s aluCASE diecast aluminium enclosures have been designed to simplify customisation requirements. Until now, industry standard diecast enclosures would require additional machining and reworking in order to mount electronic or electrical components such as keypads, and accessories such as hinges, locks wall brackets, etc. The aluCASE series includes these features as standard.

aluDISC - world's first round diecast enclosures
July 2011

ROLEC has launched its new aluDISC range ­– the world’s first standard round diecast aluminium enclosures for industrial electronics and electrical equipment.

aluPLUS new diecast enclosures in industry standard sizes
June 2011

ROLEC has launched its new range of aluPLUS standard aluminium enclosures, incorporating many modern features previously unique to its aluCASE designer series.

Wireless technology boosts demand for EMC enclosures
February 2011

ROLEC's conFORM and conTROL enclosures feature in-built EMC shielding and don't require expensive shielded gaskets.

Versatile and sealed aluminium handheld enclosures
September 2010

ROLEC have extended the mobilCASE range of handheld enclosures with new models and size combinations. These robust and highly attractive enclosures are now suitable for both cable connected or battery powered portable electronic equipment.

IP67 aluCASE enclosures with easy access hinged lids
August 2010

ROLEC have extended the IP67 aluCASE range of diecast enclosures with new models which have hinged lids for easier access.

ROLEC adds 10 more sizes to the aluCASE range
February 2010

ROLEC has added 10 new smaller sizes to its aluCASE diecast aluminium enclosure range – giving engineers an unrivalled choice of 24 models.