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Press Releases 2016-2017
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Press Releases 2016-2017

ROLEC aluPLUS aluminum enclosures now in eight sizes
November 2017

ROLEC’s aluPLUS diecast aluminium electronic enclosures are now available in eight industry-standard sizes.

New holding bracket for ROLEC mobilCASE handheld enclosures
August 2017

ROLEC has added a new vertical holding bracket to the range of accessories available for its mobilCASE aluminium electronic enclosures.

technoPLUS enclosures now rated IP 69K for jet washing
July 2017

ROLEC technoPLUS enclosures are now available with optional IP 69K protection – safeguarding electronics from high pressure and high temperature jet washing.

conFORM EMC shielded enclosures now in 14 sizes
June 2017

ROLEC conFORM enclosures – which offer built-in EMC shielding without the need for expensive gaskets – are now available in 14 sizes. 

aluCASE enclosures now with IP 69K protection
May 2017

ROLEC’s aluCASE diecast aluminium enclosures are now available with an optional IP 69K rating to protect electronics from high pressure jetwashing and steam cleaning.

New multiPANEL designer command/display enclosures
April 2017

ROLEC’s new ultra-modern multiPANEL designer command and display enclosures combine technical finesse with maximum flexibility.

Customising options for aluDISPLAY enclosures
November 2016

ROLEC is offering new customisation options for its aluDISPLAY range of aluminium controller enclosures. Customisation now includes CNC milling and drilling of cutouts; EMC shielding, bespoke colours plus printing and engraving of legends and logos.

ROLEC extends its aluCASE diecast enclosures range
May 2016

ROLEC has extended its bestselling aluCASE range of diecast aluminium electronics and electrical enclosures with four new sizes. There are now 27 sizes of aluCASE available, ranging from 75 x 50 x 33 mm to 430 x 300 x 120 mm.

Elegant new profiPLUS suspension arms from ROLEC
April 2016

Industrial enclosures manufacturer ROLEC has unveiled its new range of profiPLUS designer suspension arms. Elegant and ergonomic, the profiPLUS modular system offers a huge range of couplings, joints and sections to create the perfect suspension arm solution for a broad spectrum of electronics applications.

April 2016

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inoCASE Stainless Steel Enclosures now in V4A grade
March 2017

ROLEC’s inoCASE and inoCASEmini electronic enclosures are now available in V4A stainless steel for added strength, resilience and corrosion resistance.